Richard Newcombe, PhD.

I hold a Postdoctoral Associate position at the University of Washington, working on computer vision advised by Steve Seitz and Dieter Fox.

I researched Robot Vision for my PhD. with Andrew Davison and Murray Shanahan at Imperial College, London, and before that I studied with Owen Holland at the University of Essex where I received my BSc. and MSc. in robotics, machine learning and embedded systems.

Ideas in perception, robotics, augmented realities and consciousness are what get me going everyday and I enjoy bringing new ideas that can be made to work into the world. In particular I enjoy thinking of solutions that span across hardware and algorithm spaces making use of whatever new tools, computing machinery and ways of thinking I can get access to.

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Confidentiality will involve shielding sensitive detail from unauthorized obtain, this sort of as by making sure that only licensed people can read through or edit the information. This can be very often completed by encryption, which renders sensitive info unreadable to anyone not applying the password or key they have been specified.

Integrity entails preserving the accuracy, consistency and trustworthiness of knowledge in excess of its overall lifecycle. This can be achieved by implementing stringent safety steps, like requiring people to authenticate by themselves with good passwords and, where applicable, two-factor authentication.

For illustration, an organization could contain confidentiality clauses in its employees' contracts that shield pay fees for senior executives or other confidential critical information connected to their positions. Having said that, it is important to limit what may possibly be secured mainly because an excess of exposure to private facts may be illegal or if not damaging towards the commerce.

Paper will moderate person created subject matter, as well as discussions involving educative staff and Conclude End users, as needed to retain the protection of Close Buyers, to adjust to its policies and legal obligations, to protect other consumers and their rights also to protect against unauthorized access. Any moderation steps that Paper takes are going to be communicated to Consumer devoid of undue delays.


Reliability stands out as the capability for a test or exploration results being replicated in excess of and about again. Such as, a medical-related thermometer is responsible as a result of it properly actions the temperature every time it can be made use of.

Reliability are often assessed in more than a few tactics: by hunting in the benefits of the test-retest trustworthiness review, analyzing the internal regularity of tests and by making use of a statistical option referred to as Cronbach's a or Cohen's k to evaluate interrater or inter-judgment reliability.

A test-retest reliability review asks a gaggle of people to take a test, then administers the identical take a look at at a afterwards day and looks within the correlation amongst the two sets of scores. The higher the correlation, the greater responsible the measure is taken into account.

Internal regularity is comparable to test-retest dependability, however it might possibly be alot more tough to assess. A technique to measure interior regularity is by on the lookout at split-half reliability, which includes breaking down a substantial test into two separate sets of items, then scoring each established of items and calculating the correlation around the scores.